Jan 24

Moving On Up Oregon Moved Up Six Spots To No.

Dillon spends a lot of time in the gym shooting the ball, Altman said. Brooks is shooting 48.8 percent from the field and 38.2 percent on three-pointers. He leads the Ducks with 14.8 points per game. Brooks had three rebounds, three assists and a steal against the Trojans. Dillon was unbelievable on offense, Altman said after the game. He was making plays and moving the ball. see this hereHe had no turnovers, three assists and missed just one shot. Brooks was named conference player of the week for the second time. He earned the honor last year after totaling 42 find out here points in Oregons wins at Arizona and Arizona State. Moving on up Oregon moved up six spots to No. 15 in the Associated Press poll on Monday. The Ducks are back in the top 20 for the first time since Nov.

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